At Lausdeo, we continually strive for excellence with an eye to providing quality solutions. We adhere to delivering elegant, intuitive and future-proof spaces that are cost-efficient and non-disruptive.

We deliver, install and maintain residential/corporate control and automation solutions targeting audio visual integrators, builders, architects, homeowners, entertainment and educational facilities. 

Our AV solutions mainly include:

For every space that is automated, there is a control system which makes sure that devices are managed, controlled and automated. We being brand agnostic, design and develop solutions for a variety of control systems manufacturers working with multiple proprietary programming languages.

Quality programming is the main purpose of our certified expertise.
Faulty programming always ends up with a dissatisfied client resulting in losing user confidence and eventually leading to unprofitability. Any effective programmed system requires cost and time so our team constantly assesses the need of our clients and aims at client satisfaction.

AV manufacturers continually release new device models which may not be easily programmable but when there are ready-to-use modules and drivers, configuration and integration of any equipment is simplified.

We develop modules and device drivers for control systems so that there is no hassle or time delay, in adding any device.

Our skills extend to DSP programming that are relevant for certain audio devices. Our programmers are well trained with various DSP manufacturers and their softwares to provide this service.

We provide the right design, program and installion of systems to fit in client specific spaces. Be it corporate or residential, we provide the best options for smooth interaction of any controllable hardware devices. From cabling to installation to automation, we assist the clients in every step so that they get the hassle free and affordable integration options.

The end client generally only interacts with the User Interface for the service offered. So it is crucial for the UI designer to understand the context of the clients requirement and make user friendly and attractive interface designs.

We pay great attention in making custom UI designs based on the inherent needs and wishes of our clients, so they are encouraged to keep using the service without any hassles.